Move over Coffee, why Ceremonial Matcha is the Best Energy Booster for Moms

As mothers, we continually lack either time or energy (and most times, both). As an energy-boosting superfood, matcha is the perfect complement to motherhood. It can help us reclaim our unique mom energy (aka ‘momergy’) and fully pour our love, care, and support from a full cup. Here are 3 ways Ceremonial Matcha will supercharge you.

What is Holistic Health and why is it important in this day and age?

Perhaps you are not a bona fide ‘crunchy mom’ but still want to know more about holistic health? Jump right in! We’ve got you covered with the basics. Holistic health is an ancient approach to health that considers that the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of a person are interconnected. Therefore, they all play a […]

Hoʻoponopono: how to use this powerful forgiveness prayer to clear your subconscious

From ‘aha’ to ‘what was I thinking’- how this Hawaiian forgiveness prayer can help mothers get their ‘Om’ back. Hoʻoponopono is an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness and reconciliation process. The term can be translated as “make (a mistake) right.” Traditionally, family members would come together and work out their differences “through prayer, discussion, confession, repentance, and […]

10 Energy Boosting Me-Time Hacks for a Tired Mom

Energy-boosting me-time hacks for tired moms who are suffering from mom exhaustion. Also, for physically and emotionally drained mothers looking for a quick energy boost.