10 Energy Boosting Me-Time Hacks for a Tired Mom

Let’s face it- motherhood is tiring. Scratch that- sometimes it just sucks up all your energy and then some.

Especially during those early childhood years, when you have to be hyper-vigilant of their every move.

Me-time? You ask. When exactly? What exactly? And how?

With dirty dishes in the sink, laundry piling up, toys, and all sorts of clutter scattered throughout the house and little ones that barely sit still, mom exhaustion can genuinely kick in. Who has the time to even think about me-time when they are physically drained and emotionally exhausted?

Spending all day focusing on others is tiring. The effects accumulate after doing it regularly without a break. Me-time allows a tired mom to connect with herself on a deeper level and regain a bit of sense of self. There are multiple benefits associated with carving out some time for ourselves: helps relieve stress, enhances and boosts energy levels, reenergizes the spirit, and improves overall well-being. But most importantly, within the context of being a mother, time by myself should be up there, along with eating and breathing.

Plus, little children feed off their mother’s energy in much the same way they breastfeed. They pick up on our emotional state and reflect it to us. According to a study conducted by the University of Cambridge, “As a social species, humans share emotional states with others. This work shows how emotions change the connection between two individuals at a neural level.” So when you have little ones, the importance of me-time cannot be stressed enough (pun intended).

As the old saying goes, “You cannot pour from an empty cup.”

Here is a list of 10 quick energy-boosting ideas for some well-deserved me-time that will instantly recharge you!

2. Write it down– those endless mental lists of things that run through your head or the pent up emotions that you’re trying to suppress. Journaling is also an excellent way to clear some headspace, which instantly lifts your mood. Bonus tip: writing what’s on your mind at the end of the day also helps your brain switch off to get better sleep.

1. Reading/meditating– You can squeeze in a quick read by waking up 10 minutes earlier or spending the last 10 minutes before bedtime unwinding. (Try limiting the use of electronics at night, so you don’t disrupt your melatonin production).

3. Give thanks– keep a gratitude journal and commit to writing three things you are thankful that day and commit to it for at least 21 days. The nifty idea is to write your three daily things in separate pieces of paper and keep them in a box. When the New Year rolls around, you can take it out and read all the great things that happened to you, making it a wonderful tradition.

4. Eat some dark chocolate– dark chocolate has proven to be a great source of antioxidants and improves blood flow and brain function.

5. Hot or cold showers– Your body and mood will be the best indicator of which one applies depending on the situation, but taking a cold shower or a warm relaxing bath also works wonders on your mind and spirit. The benefits of cold showers are many, like making you more alert and providing a robust immune response in your body. A relaxing warm bath helps you relax and unwind from the stresses of the day. Pro tip: bust out your essential oils kit. Your nose is directly connected to your brain, and scents have immediate effects on your emotions. Just infuse the bathwater with a relaxing smell for added zen.

6. Adult coloring. Especially with little ones around, this is one of those me-time activities you can even do with your little ones. But on your own, it’s also a good source of focused relaxation.

7. Try some quick yoga moves. Sun salutations are an excellent option when you’re pressed for time. In only four minutes, you can increase your energy circulation. You can also do this one with the kiddos- they will love watching you and will want to imitate you!

8. Have a (Zoom) call with a loved one. If social distancing prevents you from meeting in person, connect via chat video. Spending time talking to people we care about decreases our stress levels and automatically boosts our spirits.

9. Have a small tea ceremony. Take a cue from this ancient Japanese tradition and pour yourself a cup of tea. Pro Tip 1: matcha is a powerful and natural energy booster, so you automatically have a 2-for-1 bonus. Pro Tip 2: you can try this by just filling yourself a glass of water. The trick of this little energy hack is to stay focused and intent on your actions. Bless your tea, water, juice. Infuse it with energy and love (which is one of the highest vibrational emotions) and take mindful sips.

10. If all else fails, breathe! Breathwork is an excellent tool that helps your body change its emotional state in just a few minutes. There are many simple techniques that you can do in a matter of minutes and get the energy boost you need.

There you have it. These quick hacks get you some much-needed me-time throughout the day without requiring a lot of effort (or guilt!). Just remember this simple equation:

Happy Moms = Happy Kids = Happy Spouse = Happy Life.

Children deserve happy moms. Period. We owe it to them. But most importantly, we owe it to ourselves.

With you in the journey-


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